Ready for the home assessment, early next week.

Aeroenvironment is coming over for a home assessment first thing Tuesday morning (Monday is a holiday). The appointment was originally booked for Sept 13, but Nissan was able to speed up the process, which is great. It is important to make sure our house has the right circuits in place to support the charger (it needs a 40A@240V circuit, basically the same as your dryer) and that the wires can be pulled to the garage without any trouble.

The Leaf needs 3.3KW to charge so in principle we only need a 15A charger. These ones tend to be less expensive. However, Nissan has indicated there are plans to upgrade the Leaf on-board circuit to support a faster charge (6.6 KW), which is standard in the upcoming Ford Focus and requires a 30 A charging station. That’s the one Nissan’s EVSE partner Aerovironment is offering to future Leaf owners in Canada. However, there are other charging stations in the market and they all follow the same Level 2 standard, so I’m trying to get a second quote from a different manufacturer/installer. We’ll see how that goes.


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