Charging station installed

This is Eric from AeroVironment. He flew all the way from Atlanta to bring our charging station through customs and make sure it got installed in time for the delivery of our Leaf this week. I was really impressed. It really shows how serious AV is about this business and how successful they want the launch of the Leaf in Canada to be.

Eric is holding a test jig that will be used to test the charging station after it is installed. This is particularly important because we’re yet to have the Leaf in the garage so we can’t test it with a real car.

The charging station was still in the box while Scott, a local contractor from Ottawa, trained and certified by AV to do the installation was already busy working down at the basement. Things went really smoothly and uneventful. The two guys knew exactly what they were doing and I could even go to the office and do some of my own work while they were busy doing their stuff.

The installation took basically the whole morning. When I got back home at lunch time, the charging station was ready to go and Eric was able to do a quick training session. I thought it would be a good idea to capture his tutorial on video so I could share with the others in the Leaf Owners group. Youtube link coming soon.

The best way to describe my experience with AV is “piece of mind.” I did a fair amount of research on other charging stations, with the help from other future Leaf owners on Facebook. I had an electrician come over and give me an estimate for the installation, but things were not very simple. He would have to see the actual station before he could tell me exactly how much his work would cost, and his ballpark estimate wasn’t too far from the quote I had already received from AV. I was also reluctant with the warranty, and who to go for technical support in case I had problems. Finally, I didn’t think I would be able to get it done in time for the delivery of the car… All these issues disappeared once I asked AV to do the work. It was one of those “set it and forget it” things. They took care of everything in record time. They hand-carried the charging station to my door, had a fully-trained electrician to do the work, even took care of the final inspection. They basically turned something that would be very complicated for me into something very very straight forward.


3 comments on “Charging station installed

  1. I’m on the list and can’t wait to get my Leaf. Are you loving yours?

    I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share how much the charging station / installation cost? I’ve got an assessment tomorrow for my charging station, so I should get a quote in the next couple weeks.

    I’ve read it’s anywhere from $1500 to $3500 for it. All the quotes I’ve found were always in the states though, and they get a rebate up to $2000 on the charging station I believe, so I’m not sure if the price gets bumped up to take advantage of the rebate. I don’t believe we get any kind of rebate in Canada for the actual charging station.

    Very cool you’ve got your Leaf though!

  2. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Another owner posted his estimates here:

    My estimate was a somewhat lower because of the permit costs here in Ottawa are not that high (just $141). But the cost of the charging station was the same, and the installation cost about the same (it varies from house to house).

    The only place I know where you can get a rebate for the charging station is in Quebec ($1,000).

    Hope you get your Leaf soon!


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