First scheduled maintenance service (6 months)

We took our LEAF for its first check-up last Friday, exactly 6 months after delivery and two weeks after hitting 10,000 Km. Normally, the first mandatory service is after one year, or 24,000 Km. After six months, the only service required is a tire rotation, which I would have to do it anyway as we moved from winter to all-season tires. However, with all the snow, sand and salt we get during the winter in Ottawa, I decided to go with a more comprehensive check-up.

Service was $85 + taxes (+ $1.99 of lubricants). It included road test, checking lights, wipers, coolant system, brakes, tires, charge port, seals, suspension, lube locks, latches and hinges, and swapping winter tires to all-season (the low tire pressure warning light is gone now). I found the cost reasonable. It was equivalent of servicing a Versa, minus the oil change. A similar service on the Corolla cost us $115 + taxes last time.

The dealer (Hunt Club Nissan) also  measured the current thickness of the brake pads: 9 mm at the front, 7 mm at the back. Brand new pads are 10 mm thick. At this rate, due to the wonders of regenerative braking, the front brake pads should last about 100,000 Km, which is excellent! But the rear brakes, only 33,000 Km. They told me the rear brake pads should wear down faster because of the parking brake, which was news to me… I’m curious to see how thick they progress six months from now.

The latest software upgrade was installed. I noticed the audible alarm if you put the car in drive or reverse while one of the doors is still open (I actually did that accidentally!) A few counters got reset, but everything else was preserved, including the performance history and charging stations on the map. I’ll keep monitoring the state of charge and range to see if there’s any difference. So far I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.

We received a new owner’s manual, revised in Jan 2012. Recycled the old one.

They installed the lower-apron bracket, which is a minor recall “added for vehicles used in cold weather areas to prevent the possibility of snow and ice entering and accumulating in the motor compartment.”

We also got the windows tinted, as dark as legally allowed. Finally some privacy! 🙂 Good thing I didn’t do it before the heat wave because we’re not supposed to lower the windows for 3-5 days, until the film is cured. Cost was $300 + taxes.

The LEAF was charging at the dealer when I arrived. They also drove me to and back from work, which was nice. Never had this kind of service from Toyota!


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